Red Balloons & OhNo60

 >> Jan 28th

Engage Maplewood is sponsoring the OhNo60 project in Maplewood Village. OhNo60 uses large red balloons to help everyone visualize the size and shape of the new building proposed for the old Post Office site in Maplewood Village. To see current images, to sign up for balloon exhibition events, and to learn more, click here.

Totally blocking the mountain view.

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Questions re: the Redevelopment

  1. Considering the significance of this once-in-a-lifetime development does each Township Committee (TC) member truly believe an additional 2,000 SF of Kings space and 25 apartments is the best solution for the long-term future of Maplewood?
  2. How is the success of this project being defined by the TC? What can the TC share that will increase our confidence that this project will be successful?
  3. The TC had publicly identified Kings at the targeted primary tenant for a long time. Was Kings ever really a potential tenant?
  4. What are the overall estimated tax implications of this project? What is the estimated net tax benefit or loss to the Township, and to the average taxpayer? What examples are available for the tax benefits of alternative uses?
  5. The TC has often referred to the openness of the process in choosing a developer for the Village PO property. Specifically, how did the Maplewood community provide insight on choosing a primary tenant, and 25 apartments as the additional key characteristic of the development?
  6. Will more parking be eliminated to make the building larger?
  7. Why is the scale of the Village being changed so significantly? The 5-level structure they describe will far exceed the height of the Village Coffee shop when viewed from Ricalton Park and when entering town on Maplewood Avenue.