Township Committee Meeting Update

On July 2nd, The Township Committee introduced the June 18th version of the Redevelopment Plan as the proposed final version with a 5-0 vote. This version is being sent to the Planning Board for review on Tuesday, July 9th. After that review, the TC intends to approve the document on final vote next week, on Tuesday July 16th.

The video of the discussion related to the post office site can be found beginning at minute 35, here.

Engage-Maplewood updated the council on our efforts to facilitate understanding of the Plan within the community. We reported that our supporters now exceed 400 in number and that individuals continue to vote on the petition requesting transparency and community input into the redevelopment process.

Members of the public asked questions on a variety of topics, including:

  • business continuity during construction
  • parking
  • choice of retail establishments
  • estimate of tax revenue obtainable
  • financial analysis
  • use of independent architects as designers versus architects that work for developers
  • the mis-application of the “transit village high density” development strategy in Maplewood, which already provides all the benefits associated with a transit-oriented downtown
  • the reasoning behind a decision to sell the property vs. continuing to own it. Should sale of such an important site be the subject of a referendum to establish public opinion?
  • An explanation for the urgency with which the decisions are being made
  • Why isn’t the Township Committee more pro-active in assuring that the public is aware of this project
  • Does the Township Committee act primarily based on its own opinions, or based on what they know to be the desires of their constituents?

Engage-Maplewood has created these images to convey the size and height of the building that the current Plan describes:

massing diagram of post office redevelopment   massing diagram of post office redevelopment

Developer Selection

The Mayor has said that developer selection will be determined solely by the Township Committee without public comment. See our discussion here as to why this is very poor approach and why public involvement remains essential.

Please join us on July 9th and July 16th and voice any concerns you have about the Redevelopment Plan or the selection of developers. If you are unable to attend, send your questions to us at and we will seek answers for you.

Thanks for your support thus far.

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