General Update

Thanks to all that have sent emails and especially to those who attended Tuesday night’s Township Committee meeting. You can find news coverage of the meeting on Patch, and watch the video.

Approximately forty residents and merchants attended the meeting to listen and comment on the Post Office Redevelopment Plan. This is a great success because it demonstrated that when this topic is properly announced, and an effort is made to engage the community in an efficient manner, the community responds. There were more comments made last night than at any committee meeting since the redevelopment discussion began. Clearly, there is a high level of interest on this topic.

We can say with certainty that some progress was made toward our purpose of increased dialogue and engagement. The Township Committee (TC), however, was not responsive to the request represented in our petition in its format, or depth. While the petition requested a detailed explanation of the plan with visuals, that information was limited to a 10-minute verbal overview by the plan’s author. And, while the petition asked for ample time for dialogue among attendees, the discussion afterward was limited to individuals addressing the TC, with no opportunity to interact with each other, and no obligation on the part of the TC to respond.

This process is not over, so we encourage everyone to stay engaged. If we know we have your support, we will continue to provide energy and information aimed at keeping the discussion robust and on-going.

The next meeting is in two weeks, followed by two more meetings in the following two weeks; check the schedule of meetings here. Please plan to attend. If you have any questions about these meetings, please email them to us and we will try to provide answers.

Our next challenge is to grow the knowledge of the plan among community members. There are many more decisions to be made before a developer of the Post Office property is selected, and we will do our best to bring you useful information. But, we need help.

In the coming days we will add information to the web site as to the type of help we need. But for now: if you have professional skills related to development, or if you have web design skills, please step forward. Your help will allow us to bring everyone the information needed to contribute to the successful development of Maplewood Village.

Thanks for your support thus far.

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