Engage Maplewood

Engage Maplewood grew from a discussion among residents and merchants within Maplewood in late May, 2013.

There was a sense from the discussion that citizens have a shared sense of pride and gratefulness for the opportunity to live here, yet also feel that a shared understanding of civic matters and the operation of our township government often escapes us as a community.

Engage Maplewood was formed to improve the vibrancy and effectiveness of civic discourse in our community.

At our first community meeting, many attendees saw the Post Office redevelopment as an excellent example of a civic topic that lacks a common sense of cause. As an initial activity we’ve chosen to facilitate increased understanding within the community regarding the redevelopment of this site.

In the long-term, we plan to take this experience and use it to explore improvements that can be put to use as new civics topics emerge. We believe there is a wealth of information available, and a great many people that have an interest in participating. We hope that our efforts will help people stay better informed more easily, giving each person to ability to become actively involved as issues of personal interest arise in the community.

Please join our mailing list and let us know if you’d like to help.